7 Essentials for Your 1st Cruise

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Congratulations!! You’re going on your first cruise! It can be exciting and pretty nerve-wracking at the same time.

“What if I get seasick?”

”What shore excursions are we going to go on?”

“How much money will I need onboard?”


I’m sure these and a multitude of other questions are running through your head. Don’t sweat it. Finding answers to these (and pretty much everything) can be found with a few keyboard strokes or as easy as asking your travel advisor for recommendations.

I'm Packed and Ready to Go!

Luggage with Teddy Bear
  • Sunscreen? ✓
  • Bathing suit? ✓
  • Toiletries? ✓
  • Kilt for formal night? ✓

Well, it’s a good start but, here are some items that newbie cruisers tend to either not think about or don’t know about.

“So, I’m all set for my cruise, right?”

Oh $^@#!, I Should Have Brought....

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1.  Light Jacket or Sweater

Sure you're going to be enjoying that warm Caribbean sunshine and spending your days by the pool or beach but, after you rinse the sunscreen off and start exploring the ship you’ll find that in some areas the air conditioning is really kicking.  Also, if you run into any poor weather with the rain or wind gets going, you’ll be quite appreciative that you brought it when you venture outside.

2. USB Tower and Multi-Port Adapter

The one thing you will find is that the staterooms have a serious lack of electrical outlets. You can usually expect 1 or 2 110v outlets per cabin.  A good idea is to use a small non-surge protected power strip or for the uber tech geek, a multiport USB hub.  Either of these should help keep all of your electronics charged.

3. Binder Clips

Yes, binder clips! I learned this one the hard way. There is nothing worse as closing the piano bar only to be woken up at the crack of dawn by the sun shining through the gap in your drapes. So, if you booked an oceanview or balcony stateroom, a few well-placed clips will prevent you from rising with the sun.

#4. Small Bungee Cord

Works like a charm to hold your balcony door open! Let's face it, the staterooms are a trifle on the small side and this allows you to take advantage of the extra space and still hold a conversation with the person on the inside.

#5. Highlighters

Each morning you'll find that during your slumbers, a cruise newsletter with the daily shipboard schedule is slipped under your door.  Now, when you're enjoying the first coffee of the day, you can highlight the events you don't want to miss.

#6. Power Bank

There is nothing worse than going to take a photo and you find your phone or camera is dead. A decent power bank will keep you juiced up so you don’t miss the epic picture or potential viral video.

#7. Key Card Lanyard

Your cruise key card is the gatekeeper to all things on your cruise. From unlocking your cabin, turning on the lights in the cabin, and lest we forget paying for those tropical cocktails (and pretty much everything else), your key card will get much use. Lanyards are the best way to keep your key card handy and this makes it so much easier than pulling out your wallet or digging through your purse.

That's Not All Folks.....

This list could go on and on! These are just a few things that I feel will make your first cruise easier and in turn, more enjoyable.

What are the things that you think would be most beneficial to take on a cruise? We'd love to hear!

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